New week

It was the wedding this past weekend. When I say 'the wedding' you would assume from the way that it was talked about and prepared for (not to mention the 4 days of activities and celebrations) that it was the only wedding ever to have happened. It was my brother-in-law's wedding and it was a lovely day. Ruth was fabulous, behaved so very very very well (which is more than I can say for her grandmother), and so many people fell in love with her :). In fact, the best man went so far to say that he is re-considering his embargo on having children...

We had Hubby's cousin and family staying with us for the weekend, and we had a lovely time with them too. From talking to them, we found that the cousin is starting to take their little boy to church and she goes to mid-week church activities, though she wouldn't say that she was a Christian - yet. It was really heart-warming to hear that even in this day and age, church is still a welcoming place for new people, and an attractive place to be.

This week is another bumbly type week. I'm feeling a little under the weather as a result of all the stress from the weekend, but yet I still have a house to return to its haven status. Its slow going this week :( However, in a couple of weeks time I am back to my folks for most of a week, so hopefully I'll be able to revert back to the plan there!!