3 Years Today

Hubby and I have been married for 3 years today! As his brother said in his card this morning "'Happy Umpteenth Anniversary' (I know how long you have been married, just can't decide whether it feels longer or shorter)" And so it feels for us. I was blessed to be able to marry my best friend, the man for whom my world spins. We have been through a lot in the last 3 years, and have grown together as a result. People say that getting married young (I was just 22, he was 21) ties you down, stops you from enjoying life. Oh, but I beg to differ. Marrying my hubby was the most liberating thing I have ever done. I am free to love and be loved. I am free to try new experiences and not worry if I fail. I am free to support and encourage Hubby onto new heights to help him be all he can be. God has been the central theme to our marriage, and our lives. We now meet together almost every morning, the three of us, and it is a special time. Most days I thank God from the bottom of my heart for my husband, for creating us to fit together so perfectly, and for bringing us together from opposite sides of the country. But today, I am extra-specially thankful.

I read somewhere today that marriage was 'on the up' because one young lady had been 'six weddings in two years'. Maybe its the fact that I am a Christian and thus rate marriage very highly, and have friends who are Christians who also do the same, but we have been to 19 weddings in 3.5 years! To my peers and I, marriage is normal. To the world, it is not, especially at our age. I wouldn't like to be missing out for the sake of careers and partying!


Vanessa said…
Happy anniversary to you and hubby! :D

ellen said…
You're right--free time and career options are not worth being single. Not at all. I don't believe singleness is how God designed us to live, at least most of us. Congratulations on your annivesary! I'm so glad you appreciate what you have.
Vanessa said…
Happy anniversary!!!

(I am sure I posted but it must have got lost in the superhighway ;))

Di said…
Hi Vanessa, my hubby tried to moderate the comment for me, and couldn't sign in, and then he forgot to tell me that I had a comment!!! But thank you for your good wisjes, and you too Ellen!