Some Days

Dear Reader,

Some days it feels like I have conquered the world, other days it feels like I have accomplished nothing.  Today is one of those days.  I woke with a migraine, so took some pills and instead of doing the 5.30am workout I had planned, I snoozed.  Its now the afternoon and I feel like I have done nothing useful, having slept for 2 hours once I had taken the children to school.  But actually, I have achieved...

I fed and organised 3 small people before school. I listened to two lots of reading, did one lot of spellings, listened to two lots of music practice and did two different hairstyles.  I did two loads of washing, before the school run and then took the kids to school.

When I got home, I fed myself a nutritious smoothie and slept.  I then remade two beds and did a further wash load.  All wash loads out on the line.  I have confirmed booking of a birthday party, and declined an invitation to a leaving dinner.  I had lunch.  I washed up and wiped up the kitchen.  All little things that actually amount to having done something.

And in an hour, I shall go and collect the children from school, take us to the dentist then bring them all home for tea. Then I shall clean up and sweep up, and probably iron the washing once it is dry.  All little things, in and of themselves small, but actually make up a day of doing and achieving, even if its not what I wanted to.

And tomorrow is another day.

Love Di x