A fresh start

Dear Reader,
I've been writing this blog on and off for the best part of 11 years (!) and lately has been more off than on.  Things have changed so much since 2006, I'm no longer a clueless newlywed stuck in a job that bored me to tears on some days, not really knowing who I was or what I thought about things.

Fast forward 11 years, I still feel clueless a lot of the time, in fact, I'm scared that one day someone will figure out that I'm just winging a whole lot of my life and hoping for the best!  But life does look so different now.  I still have the husband, but in addition, three gorgeous children who teach me and stretch me and bless me and humble me.  I no longer work in the job that bored me to tears, my life's work is now dedicated to my husband, my children, my house and my church.  I am fulfilled in ways that I never thought possible.

I try to live a simple, quiet life. I enjoy peace and tranquility and deep friendships and good conversation.  I have discovered the label 'introvert' and fall somewhere on the INFJ part of the spectrum which has explained a whole lot about me, and has enabled me to have a level of self care that really does refresh and renew and enable me to keep giving out.

I'm coming back to blogging.  I love Facebook, I love the banter and the photos, I even have an online shop for the candles that I make.  But sometimes, the blog is a little deeper and it is a good record to look back on.  I want to try and make this space somewhere I can write, not amazingly, about my day to day life.  What went well, what I enjoyed, what I am learning.

Love Di x