Wow, its been a year!

I can't believe that it has been almost a year to the day that I have blogged!

And we have the Murphy Bed that we were saving up for, though in the UK it is called a Study Bed.  In fact, we were able to buy it last summer (I think, I can't remember!) and it has been used a few times as a bed, but used almost every day as a desk.  We are still working on making the room dual purpose in terms of the surroundings and overall decor, but the Husband is very happy working in there, and our guests seem to be happy on the bed too.

We were even a show-home for the study bed and were given £25 by the company as a thank you :) Now that has gone into the ever present 'Projects' savings pot.  This year, the big thing is saving up for a holiday in Italy next summer.  We've never taken the children anywhere except the in-laws place in Cornwall for a holiday, and so we thought we would make a change.  Soo looking forward to it!

So where am I at this year?  The wildflowers that I planted never came up :( although the zinnias and the cornflowers that I planted did, and I am excited to try them again this year.  This year, I want to cut them more and bring them inside, as they are 'cut and come again' flowers.

I realised that capsule wardrobes are an excellent idea in theory and I probably only wear a proportion of the clothes that I own at any one time, which is like a capsule I suppose.  But I found that I got very bored with only wearing the same 10 things over and over and also it wasn't terribly practical as I only wash clothes twice a week.  So I have been through my wardrobe again and again, and the mantra is 'If I don't love it and it doesn't love me, it goes'.  I have pared down quite a lot doing this, and I have decided that I am going to purchase good quality clothes. The fact that a FatFace outlet has opened in town and it is extremely reasonable, (last years £45 shorts were £12), helps with this a whole lot!  Also, handmedowns are thoroughly tried on and if I don't love them, I don't keep them.  I have replaced the shirts that I liked but didn't fit well with shirts that I love that fit wonderfully and have come to make peace with the fact that skirts and I aren't ever going to be fast friends.

I have learnt that with clothes that a slick of lippy and great shoes can make the drabbest, frumpiest outfit look spectacular.  Which is great for the school run, but when schlepping around in slippers at home I need to work on something to make some outfits go from ho-hum to fabulous!

I am looking forward to the weather warming up to be able to wear something little different to my uniform of the last three months!