Why this blog has been so quiet over the last year...

I stopped writing here for one main reason - I had a new blog!

I discovered amazing essential oils 18 months ago, and fell in love with them and use them every day in the life and health of my family.  Then a friend suggested that perhaps I should have an evening where I talked about my oils to friends and family.  And thus, a fledgling business was born.  And fledgling it stayed, because although I had a few people buy some oils through me, it was never enough to make a go of a business, and the hours and hours I would spend blogging, updating my Facebook page were just leading to a whole lot of nothing.  And it was costing me at least £50 a month to boot, and that wasn't including all the stuff I was spending out on parties and website and advertising etc etc.

So at the beginning of this year, I took stock and realised that I had spent 8 months and over £600 and had made approximately £50 over that time.  It was beginning to stress me out, feeling that I had to work on my business all the time as I wanted to make the £50 a month investment worth it.  My self esteem took a huge hit because no-one was interested in what I had to say or offer (unless it was free) and I shut my business down.  Some might say that I didn't give it enough time, or enough effort, but for me, with no support and no customers, spending all my free time thinking about it and at the end of the day the only people who were profiting were the parent company, it was time to call it a day.

I still use the oils, and love the oils and believe that they are fantastic and a great alternative to mass manufactured health and beauty products, but I am no longer using all my free time to be free marketing for another company.

So I am now mentally much freer.  I have a new desk, and a new computer (hand me down from the Husband), and a beautiful place to work from.  Not that I work, as such.  Well, I do, kinda.  I work for my husband's company keeping the books up to date, and I work as an assistant for my friend's photography business.  I am getting paid for the work that I do, which is a massive difference to a year ago.  I also spend a lot of time working in my Leadership role at church, which at the moment requires lots of admin type stuff, which I don't get paid for, but what it is giving me in experience is priceless.

With two children in school and the third in preschool four mornings a week, time to myself is scarce and time to actually get anything beyond the basic survival jobs is few and far between.  I recently came across a blog of a mom of 10 who homeschools and has a whole craft room where she makes stuff for her Easy shop.  How she has time for all of that is beyond me - I have yet to start making the quilt that I cut out the square for last August...

So I would like to get back to blogging more.  Just about me and my life, my thoughts and challenges.  I have more evenings to myself now as Husband is now away at least 2 nights a week now with work, and I have just finished binge watching the first three series of Suits on Netflix.  It would be really lovely to know if there is anyone there reading my thoughts, I would love to connect with you.  Sometimes, although life is busy, it can be really rather lonely!