There is so much talk around especially online about having goals and fulfilling your potential and reaching for the stars etc etc etc.  Now usually I ignore most of it because quite frankly just living day to day with three small kids (ok, not so small any more at 7, 6 and 3) and a husband and a house to run and a church leadership to be a part of doesn't leave a whole lot of time for even deciding on goals, let alone finding time to plan to reach them!  That and the fact that actually, I am very very happy in my life right now, I have everything that I have ever wanted and a whole big bucket load besides, so who I am to be ungrateful and reach for something I don't have?!

But that said, there has been one thing that I have been wanting to do for years and that is to make a bright patchwork quilt.  I got around to cutting out 140 squares last summer, July it was, and they have just sat and sat and sat.

Until I decided that I would actually get out my machine, and leave it up on my desk with the pile of squares next to it, and sew what I could when I could.  Turns out, in snatches of 10-20 minutes, you get quite a lot done :)

So I have finished the first stage of making strips of squares.  Then I shall join them all together.  And then comes the complicated bit, the bit I have not done before.  The actual quilting bit, with wadding and binding and stuff.  Might need reinforcements for that!