Encouragement is so important.  How buzzy we feel when we receive it!  And how uplifted we feel when we get it.  It is so worth trying to encourage everyone you talk to, whether to compliment them on their outfit, something that they have done, or how they have inspired or helped you.  Sometimes, this feels a bit weird to do face to face, so write it in an email or text!  How fabulous to receive such a message out of the blue!

I put an encouraging note on my Facebook page this morning:

To encourage those of you in the trenches with tinies, especially those without daddies about some or all of the time, it does get easier. I am emerging from 8 years of trenches, and on this first day of the Easter hols with Alex away, all three kiddos got themselves up, dressed and breakfasted on their own, and now are out on the trampoline smile emoticon I had a lie in, and some time to read my book! At 8am!!!!!!!! Hang in there mamas, you're doing a brilliant job xxx

And the response that I have had has been amazing.  I don't tend to attract a lot of comment or activity on my Facebook posts, but this morning have had 13 likes and 4 comments in an hour, which is a lot for me!  Seems to me that we all need some encouragement to help our days along.  I have decided that every now and again I will just put something out there on my Facebook page and here on my blog where I just say 'if you need some encouragement today, leave me a message and I will reply and hopefully make you feel like someone sees you and cares'.

So, if you need some encouragement today, leave me a message :)