A confession

So I have broken my self imposed no new clothes etc rule and bought a pair of shoes. They're goorgeous, navy and white flat ballet pumps with a pointed toe. And they were £5... 

I went into town with Ruth to buy her some tshirts and non school shoes, and it was so so hard walking through the clothes shops without even so much as looking at the clothes. I guess I need to stay well away for temptation to not be an issue!

But something that should focus the mind should be our new savings project.  We want a Murphy bed in the study, which is a fold down bed with a desk attached, but the desk and everything on it stays in situ when you unfold the bed. It's going to cost £2500. So we've given ourselves until the end of the year, which equates to finding around £250 a month.  So it's going to be cutting down on eating out and putting that money aside, reducing grocery expenditure, perhaps fuel expenditure and personal expenditure.  I would like to try and earn some extra, but have no idea how this is going to happen since I really balk at charging anyone anything for something that I do!

But the savings project is off to a good start - a £25 premium bond win :)