Shopping my wardrobe

I am shopping my wardrobe having been inspired by Pinterest. I have put together a 10 piece capsule wardrobe from what I already have, and have managed to make 28 outfits out of 10 items of clothes. I am cheating a little, since I will add in belts and scarves and boots and other accessories to liven them up. I will also cheat by wearing a cami top under each outfit, which I am not declaring!!

So here is what I am starting with:
A grey jumper, a white shirt, a Stripey blazer, a stripey top, a burgundy jumper, a blue shirt, a stripey skirt, a denim skirt, navy skinnies and White jeans. I have had the thought that if I switched the stripey top for a mustard coloured one, I would have even more outfit choices because I can wear the mustard with everything. In fact, I think I will do that.

I have decided to do this because I spend too much time thinking abut what I am going to wear each day, and then invariably end up wearing the same things day in day out. So hopefully this will take the thinking out of each day as I have written a list of all the combinations. I'll just cross them off as I wear them!

Then at the end of the 28 days, as I wear the rest of my clothes, it will feel like a whole load of new clothes :) should help with the 'want new clothes' craving too!