Garden dreaming

"It's on days like today, dull and cold and perhaps wet Janaury days, that I start to think about how marvellous our garden is going to look this year. I love to imagine the colours and the scents and the produce that will occur without any help from me... Well. I also imagine me being the master gardener with talent and time and resources, which at this stage in the year, I have all three.  However, past years have shown that I lack quite substantially in all areas!!!

So this is what I am imagining this year:


I have just purchased some wildflower seeds online and I know exactly where I am going to sow them. Mostly all in the front garden where the soil has been trashed by the extension work 18 months ago. I want to grow them for visual impact, but also for cutting and bringing inside.  Apparently, these seeds seem to thrive on neglect, which for this busy mama is perfect :)

So I want them to go each side of the steps and down the left hand side of the garden. I am so excited!!