Preparing for the No New Clothes challenge

I have been telling a few people about my challenge for next year, and the reactions have been strange.  Most people suddenly feel the need to justify why they buy new clothes, or admit to not buying any in the last month. A couple have asked why, most surprising of which was my husband! I told people to keep accountable, but also in the hope they might take pity on me and buy me clothes for my birthday!!

I am preparing by building a shopping list of things that I need to get me through the year.  Not a splurge on lovely things, more purchasing the basics like the tights and leggings I mentioned last time.

I am also wondering whether to do a wardrobe audit and build a capsule out of it, but I get bored very quickly with the same clothes all the time without the option of swapping.  I think I will get creative as and when I need to.

I don't think that I gave a myself a start date in the last post. The challenge starts on 1st January, and lasts all year. The big rule is that I will not buy myself new clothes. Exciting!