Storm, what storm?!

The storm that didn't really affect us, that's what!!  It was a little blowy, but nothing like we were lead to expect.
Anyway! Onto the outfits.  I don't have any pictures for the weekend as the Husband's Grandma passed away, so it didn't feel appropriate to be snapping photos of myself.  But I can recode here anyway:
Saturday was skinny jeans, white long sleeve top and grey cardigan.
Sunday was a new item, in the original list but not worn yet, my blue bootcut jeans.  I teamed this with the pink stripey shirt and a cami underneath to keep warm.

And today is this:
Bootcut jeans, geometric top and grey cardigan.  

I have 9 days to go on my 30 day challenge. I have found one of the most challenging things is to keep on top of the washing so that I always have a clean top to wear.  The husband has also suggested that perhaps I have yet to find the skirt style that really suits as the jeans outfits look so much better than the skirt ones. I'm inclined to agree...