Severe drizzle

A phrase I heard on the radio this morning and it made me laugh, severe drizzle! I mean, steady now!
Today's outfit:
It is the denim skirt, pink pinstripe shirt and grey cardigan.  Also teamed with chunky maroon tights, skinny black belt and navy print scarf.  Can't say I feel a million dollars in this, and I am noticing through looking at the pictures, I tend to look quite, um, homey verging on the frumpy at times.  Is nearly 32 to old to wear short skirt? A fashion Pinterest page seems to think so...  Perhaps it is the skirt, it's too full for me to wear, it drowns me.  Perhaps I should swap it for a shorter one, or a more pencilly one.  That would require shopping... Still. The challenge is teaching me things I wasn't expecting, which is a good thing. Like self timed photos on the iPhone (there's an app for that) and while I love clothes, it doesn't mean that they love me back.

So I am starting to think about tomorrow's outfit.  I am going to have a browse of the photolog and choose something.  I have made the decision to swap out a pair of jeans for a pink blazer for the challenge, as I want to get into wearing blazers more.