The first day of the husband being away has gone well. Most importantly, the night was excellent.  I used for the first time the Sleep Cycle App on my iPhone because it promised to monitor my sleep patterns and wake me when I was in a light period of sleep and thus wake right eyed and bushy tailed, rather than relying on my 5.30am alarm which may rouse me in a groggy state from a deep sleep.

It seemed to work.  The alarm went off at just gone 5am, and I felt awake and ready to go.  A bit early to be leaving my bed, so I surfed for a while and got up at normal time.  It's now 8.10am and so far so good.  This morning has gone very well and everyone is happy.

So here is my outfit today, introducing a new item from the capsule, the knee length denim skirt:
Note the photo bomber!!

Another outfit tomorrow.  I am finding, however, that in order to make the challenge work, I am having to have two laundry days a week.  But I think it works!!

I was reading back through my blog last night to other times when the husband has been away and the lessons I learnt.  One salient one was 'eat less sugar, spend more time in The Word'. I'll be bearing it in mind at the beginning of this trip rather than the end!