Capsule Wardrobe

Last May I went on a personal shopping day with a personal shopper, and she introduced me to the idea of a capsule wardrobe, where you have a few items, but they work really hard and make loads of outfits when mixed and matched differently.  I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at examples of this and how to make it work for me and my clothes.  Often I feel like I have nothing to wear! but actually, now someone has taught me how to dress, I think I have too many clothes and keep passing them on/trying to sell them.  I am learning what shapes work for me, as well as colours and I am having fun!  It also really helps that there are a lot of shops which now carry a tall range.

So I was on Pinterest the other day and came across Kendra at Closet Confessions.  She had a 30 day capsule wardrobe using only 10 items and none of the outfits were repeated.  So I decided to give it a go.  I started it on Wednesday, and it's now Saturday.  So far so good.

She advocates choosing 4 bottoms, a dress, four tops and two blazers/cardigans/jumpers. Ok, so that is 11 items. Pick a colour scheme and raid your wardrobe!  She adds belts and scarves and shoes,but doesn't count them in the clothes count.

I think that I will switch a bottom with adding another cardigan/jumper/ blazer as it is winter and I am  always in jumpers at this time of year and will get bored with the same two cardigans. Plus I have a band of snotty noses at the moment which means my clothes require more time in the wash!

So here is what I chose:
1 pair of dark skinny jeans
A grey maxi skirt
A knee length denim skirt
A pink and white striped 3/4 length sleeve shirt
Blue and white stripey long sleeved top
White long sleeved top
Geometric patterned sleeveless top
Purple knitted dress
Mid length grey cardigan
Pink cardigan

I made up outfits and photographed them so that I could choose the night before which I was going to wear the next day so that I didn't repeat any.  I also have to add at this point that I wear a cami underneath my tops each day to keep me warm.

So here is what I wore on Wednesday (excuse the poor photos, the iPad camera obviously needed a clean!)

Pink shirt, skinny jeans, white cami top for warmth.

Skinny jeans, white top, pink cardigan.


Grey maxi skirt, geometric top, white cami for warmth, pink cardigan.  Also added skinny black belt and navy and grey print scarf.


Skinny jeans, blue and white striped top with red and blue scarf. 

So there we go, the first four days.  I look forward to adding more over the coming days.