Logburner and moneysaving

We finally had our logburner fitted on Friday, so we had it's inaugural lighting on Saturday. It was totally fab, we managed to keep the heating off all day. That is, until the lintle above the log burner caught alight... So it was logburner off, central heating back on.  The wooden lintle is going to be replaced by a concrete one, so hopefully we can switch the heating off again in a couple of days.

It feels good to be burning wood and paying a man in the forest for out fuel rather than the energy company.  Feels even better when we source our own wood.  Hubby cut down some trees at the weekend, so we can use that when it's dried out next year.

I'm looking forward to drying washing overnight in front of the fire, to winter evenings curled up with a book, to warmth in the afternoons, to learning how to build and light a fire!