That time of year again

X Factor has started, and the produce from the garden is being gathered in.  Yesterday I froze 2 pots of runner beans and two pots of blackberries, and made two apple and blackberry crumbles with last years blackberries and fresh from the tree apples.  I don't think I'm going to make gallons of chutney this year, I think I shall just prep and freeze the fruit and make more puddings.

It is also the time of year that I start to think about Christmas gifts.  Well, gifts for friends and the Operation Christmas Child boxes and of course, stocking gifts for the children.  I really don't want Christmas to just be about the gifts, but I do find that it is a good way to let friends know how much you appreciate them.  Also, getting the gifts sorted now means that there is more time later on in the year for nativity costumes, food prep, events to attend, christmas biscuit rota at church.

I am also planning on making a few bits to sell, I wonder if they will take off?  I'm planning on making some wallets in different fabrics which would be great little gifts, but I've got to make them first!