Sarah at 10 weeks

I have just read back over my blog entries when Ruth and Benjamin were this age, and I can't believe how different Sarah is in terms of routine and sleeping and settling and things.  Sarah is still not sleeping through the night, but she generally only wakes between 3 and 4am for a feed, but is back in bed after 10 minutes.  Awake when Ruth and Benjamin wake in the morning.  Sarah settles herself beautifully on her own, something we have done since she was tiny.  Watch for her sleep cues, and put her into bed.  During the day, naps can be a little unpredictable as to whether she will sleep, but if she does it is usually for more than an hour, and if she doesn't she is very content to like kicking on her mat being played with.  Sarah is feeding every 3-3.5 hours, and expecting her to drop the night time feed before too long.  But really, it's no hardship as it is still warm, the house is quiet, and the baby is smiley and cuddly.

We've just moved Sarah into her cot, and bedtime is around 7pm.  I seem to cuddle Sarah less than the other two at the same age, but she seems so much happier for it.  She is such a happy, contented, smiley baby, a complete and utter joy to be with.  Sarah has discovered her hands this week, so cte to watch her watch them.

Sarah is adored by Ruth and Benjamin, they play with her so well, at her level, they read to her, and want to cuddle her a lot!  I pray for their relationship as a threesome to be strong, loving and kind for all of their lives.

We have also stopped Ruth and Benjamin sleeping in the afternoons as the would sleep for 2-3 hours, then not settle at night til 9pm.  Now they are asleep by 7pm latest, although the late afternoons can be a bit challenging!  But because there is now no pressure for nap times to be started and then finished in good time, there is a lot less pressure in the day, especially over mealtimes which is really  lovely.  Silly really that there was ever any pressure in the first place since I am my own boss. I think I need to lighten up!