4 weeks gone already

I cannot believe that four weeks of the summer holiday have gone already.  I had sort of dreaded the holidays with looking after a small baby and trying to keep two energetic children entertained and happy.  But so far, so good, we've had a lovely, chilled out time.  We've been out a couple of times a week with friends, but mostly we've been hanging out at home.  The weather has been pretty appalling for August, wet most of the time, so not orderly condusive to many outdoor pursuits.

There are only two and a half weeks left of the holidays.  And I'm sure they will fly past just as quickly as the previous 4.  I cannot believe how much Sarah has changed during this time, how grown up Ruth looks now and how eloquent Benjamin is becoming.  Incidentally, he is sporting a new scar under his chin as a result of a collision at the bottom of the slide with Ruth's flip flop. Q still, I guess it is the first trip of many to the Minor Injuries Unit.