Sarah Rose is here :)

Sarah Rose is finally here! She was born on Thursday 31st May at 4.17pm weighing 8lbs 7ozs after an 'interesting' labour, which according to my medical notes lasted 55 minutes. I think it was more like 10 hours, but there we go. Sarah is an amazing baby, very chilled out and has been smiling since day one. She is adored by Ruth and Benjamin, and has fitted right in. Sarah is pretty much on a three hourly feed cycle, and feeding is so much better than it ever has been before. I don't have the over production issues this time which is such a blessing. Far less washing, a much happier baby and a much happier me. There have been many many blessings surrounding Sarah's birth, some of which I'll share when I write my birth story. But for now, let me just say that in Sarah being born 6 days late meant that she was born exactly 5 years to the day after we lost our first baby. God's timing is so perfect, so complete.


Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing a picture of Sarah.

And the timing of her birth gave me chills and got me teary. What a blessing. :)