The darker side to Fifty Shades of Grey

I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon of this book, but I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts that were prompted by a status update and subsequent comment on Facebook. The comment was from a new husband of 6 or 7 weeks, about how he was about to lose his wife to Mr Grey. One of the comments was "Mr Grey, a man that is better than you in every way in a woman's eyes. You'll never live up to your wife's expectations once she has read this". How true. And what a shame that this wife, like the wives of countless husbands, will probably view her husband as lacking after reading this book. When a wife loses admiration and respect for her husband, it cannot make for a happy marriage. The same thing can also be said of men who view things that are not wholesome for their marriage, I know, but I wanted to talk about things from the woman's point of view here, since I am one! When a wife reads a book such as this one, or indeed any romantic fiction, it is so easy to compare her life, her husband, her circumstances to those found in the book. And because the book is fiction, real life will always come off worst, making the wife feel dissatisfied. Again, not a good place to be if you want a happy marriage. By all means, use the dissatisfaction to make improvements that are within your remit, but to continue with a happy marriage, steer clear of Mr Grey!