The end must be in sight, right?!

Still no babe in arms, and I'm not the only one getting twitchy, despite the fact that officially I still have a week to go!  A woman at pre-school (whom I don't know) said in passing yesterday "You need to get started on the curries".  I mean, how rude!

Hubby is carrying his phone around with him like a man possessed, and my mother-in-law is texting me daily of her whereabouts with phonenumbers in case I go into labour as she is looking after the children.  My sister texted last week 'assuming there is no news on the baby...?'.  People at church are all 'still here then?'

And I'm the one carrying the baby with sore muscles, little sleep and fat ankles.   But I have made peace with the fact that the baby is still in utero, and probably will be until she is 18.  I have plans for the kind of perfect birth that I would love to have, but I have a feeling its going to be a sunroof job a month from now.  I'm just too comfy, as it were.  Oh yes, the twinges are there on a daily basis, and I can have 2-3 hours of regular, intense "tightenings" but they all come to nothing.

I am so prepared for this baby it isn't true.  Physically, that is.  I have clothes, nappies, new muslins, feeding stations set up, night-time feed snacks for me stocked up, breast pads coming out of my ears, baby carriers, cradles and car seats all ready.  Ipod complete with labour playlist, freezer full of food, new toys and puzzles for Ruth and Ben, plans for the summer coming together.  What it is going to actually be like with a new baby I have no idea!  Just not really thinking about it, just wanting her here with all my being!