Suzy Homemaker he ain't!

So I spent a few days at my folks with the kiddies and left Hubby home alone because he had to work.  And when I got back, the house was exactly as I left it at 8am last Wednesday morning.  Well, almost exactly.  The washing I had left drying was still on the airers, the floors were unswept, bathrooms uncleaned, tidying up that needed doing etc etc, all things that I would have done without a second thought had it been me here at home by myself for 2 days.  Ok, so he went to work, but still, he was home early on both days...

But I don't resent it at all.  He and I are made very differently.  I see dirty floors and washing and dust.  He doesn't.  As much.  Which is why it is my job to make the house nice, and his is to go out to work and earn the pennies.  Basic, but there it is.  I hated going out to work, he loves it.  I love making the house lovely, he putters but wouldn't feel the same sense of fulfilment.  But neither one of us could carry out our roles if the other one wasn't doing theirs.  Oh, I'm sure they would function on some level, but I couldn't stay home and joyfully (most days!) relish my mother and homemaker role if he wasn't out at work earning the money that we need in order for me to not go out to work.  And Hubby says that he couldn't do his job to his maximum capacity if I wasn't doing mine.  Teamwork.

Ok, so the house wasn't exactly as I left it... I had coats of paint on the doors upstairs so that 3/4 of the doors are completely painted.  I have a door handle on my bedroom door, I have a new tap in the bathroom after the old one exploded late one night last week. (I went paddling at 3am.  Poor Hubby thought my waters had gone!  No no, just a water pressure spike that the tap couldn't cope with.)

And as an aside, how empowering to hoover one's own home and make it nice.  I've not done it for a couple of months as MIL helps out with the cleaning most weeks.  But how satisfying to have a clean floor, cobwebs gone and to see the bits and dust in the hoover cylinder, and to know 'I did that'! Or is that just me?!