8 Years Ago Today...

I walked down an aisle in a big white dress and married my best friend.

And even though we've had a really really really fab time being Mr and Mrs right from the start, something has changed over the last year or so.  Somehow, almost without us noticing, our relationship has grown closer, deeper, more stable, more sacrificial and better than it has been thus far.  And for this, I am so grateful, so very very blessed.

With each passing year, I learn more and more what the word 'love' means.  And each year, when I write it on a card, the word seems to contain more meaning, yet not be big enough to convey all I want to.  And my prayer is that this strange expansion and contraction of the word 'love' continues to mystify me over the coming years, as it packs more into those 4 little letters than it could ever seem possible and yet not be big enough to contain all that my heart feels and knows.

I love you AJM.