A beautiful baby gift

I was very very very blessed this week to receive in the post a package from Val.  She had emailed me last weekend to say that she had sent me something in the post, and to let her know when it arrived, as it was coming all the way from the US of A.  It was expected to take 3 weeks.  Tuesday morning, it was handed to me by the postman.  I was happy that it came so quickly, and saw on the customs slip that Val had written that the package contained 'fabric'.  How lovely, I thought.  Val has sent me some more leftover remnants for my sewing box, how kind of her to think of me.

And then I opened the box.

This is what I found:

A beautiful, handmade quilted blanket for our new baby.  I was so touched I nearly cried :)  Not only is amazing in and of itself and the fact that Val, a bloggy friend whom I have yet to meet, would make something so wonderful for me, but there is also something of a back story of which she knew nothing about.

Since Benjamin has decided that he's rather partial to the cellular blanket that was in his cot, it has moved to the Big Bed with him.  So I needed to get another cot blanket for the new baby.  I was undecided as to whether I should get a fleecy one or another cellular one, but what I really really wanted, deep down, was a personally made patchwork blanket.  So I had been looking on ebay, but it didn't feel special enough.  I thought of asking a friend of mine locally to make one, but knowing the time and effort involved, I didn't like to ask.  Then my mother-in-law, who has recently got into quilting, said that as she was making a patchwork baby change bag for my sister-in-law, she would make me a patchwork blanket for the baby.  I was happy with that, especially as she took me along to the fabric shop to choose the material myself.

But as we were looking around at the fabrics, the fabric shop lady said that she had made a blanket for her granddaughter, and it was used all the time on the bed, the floor as a play mat, a poorly blanket to snuggle under etc.  My MIL said that this blanket was going to be used on the bed and nowhere else, the idea being just for it to look pretty and then to pass on as an heirloom.  To say my balloon was somewhat deflated would be pretty accurate.  So I was back on the hunt for a blanket that I would be able to use.

And then Val's blanket arrived.  The enclosed note said that it came with prayers that the children would love it, play on it, snuggle under it and feel better with it.  Oh and it was machine washable too.  Blessing upon blessing :)  And within seconds of unwrapping it, Ruth and Benjamin had laid it out on the floor and had got their puzzles out of the cupboard and started to put them together on the blanket!

So thank you Val, your gift means so much to me.

Val has also written about the blanket on her blog with some history behind the various pieces of fabric.  Reading it made me feel so grateful for all I have, and the blanket will serve as a daily reminder to be thankful.  The pictures of the blanket are 'borrowed' from her blog, I hope you don't mind, Val!


What a beautiful gift!

Both my kids have been given personalized blankets by a great-aunt, and both times I was very happy that she emphasized that she wanted the blankets used - she expected them to wind up stained and patched, but well loved.