Back in the land of the poorly :(

This has been going on altogether too long now.  3 weeks at least with at least one of us being dosed up to the eyeballs on paracetamol.  Today it is back to being Benjamin's turn.  He was fine when we took Ruth to preschool, albeit tired because he had us up 15 times last night, but by lunchtime pick-up he was running a temperature, whingey and the mums were all saying how poorly he looked.  And that was on a fresh dose of calpol!  Apparently, the Pox is going round, so I'm hoping that these two will get it this time around.  They've managed to avoid it now for 2 years, they either need to get it now, or avoid it for another 6 months!

But still, lots of cuddling on the sofa and watching far too much cbeebies.  Mind you, half an hour is enough for me most days :s

And it is on days like this, and yesterday, and most of the last 3 weeks that I am so grateful that I have the privilege of staying at home with the children, especially when they are poorly.  There are no bosses to upset because I have had to take time off again, no childcare issues that rely on anyone else, Hubby can go to work and not worry.  And while these days are long and hard, I'm so glad that I am the one that is here, the one to cuddle and give medicine.  Such a privilege.