Aaand breathe

Life has been somewhat busy the last 10 weeks or so, and this week I eagerly anticipated as my diary was blank blank blankety blank.  Then Ruth came down with a sick bug on Sunday night, and Hubby went away on business Monday morning for 3 days.  There went my week :(  But Ruth was pretty much recovered by Monday lunchtime, but adhering to the 'seeing no-one for 48 hours' rule, we've been hanging out at home in the damp miserableness of early March.  Been a challenging few days.

Anyway, Hubby made it home by 2pm today, and after doing a little work, came out and joined us in the blessing of the sunshine that finally appeared at 3.30pm today.

 I am utterly exhausted, and upon reflection of the last 2.5 days, I can see why.  Too much sugar intake, not enough God intake.  And it was all my own fault.  I made the decision not to do my bible study, reasoning that if I couldn't do that because I was too tired to concentrate then I wouldn't do any.  I made the decision to eat too many biscuits (homemade, so they must be ok, I reasoned) and finish the large bag of jelly tots I bought to decorate Benjamin's birthday cake.  I looked awful today. 

So, no more sugar overdoses for me.  It will require willpower as it just tastes so good, but is so not worth the fall-out.  Also, I will spend time in the Word daily, even if it is just a verse or two.  Lets see if we can't turn this thing around!