Baby Preparation Progress

This week has been productive in terms of baby preparation, and it has been a crazy busy week too.  It's been half term, and Hubby took two days off to celebrate my birthday, and tonight is my pamper party and going to visit a poorly but recovering friend this morning.

But here is what I have accomplished this week, nothing like starter's motivation!

I have made meatballs for the freezer, with pasties waiting to be made for tea and the freezer this afternoon.  That reaches my 2 meals for the freezer this week.  I also bought a few bits reduced from Morrisons last night, so that is 2 loaves of sundried tomato bread at 19p each, a garlic tear 'n' share bread for 19p and two children's fish pies at 29p each.  All in the freezer ready.  This already makes me more prepared than I was for when Benjamin was born :)

I have sorted through one box and one bag of baby clothes in the loft, with another bag and box awaiting sorting.  Hubby and I have also found a small local charity for vulnerable families where I can take the really good stuff to.

I have made the pattern and cut out and pinned 4 dribble bibs.  Just need some time to sew them now! Whilst I was cutting these out, Ruth and Benjamin were doing cutting and sticking with me.  All was quiet and content until 'Mum, I've cut my hair' from Ruth...  fortunately not too bad, it just looks like wonky layers.

Not bad for the first week.  I hope I can keep up the momentum, especially with the cooking and the sorting of clothes!