Baby Preparation 3

This week has been another productive week although I have felt more tired this week than I have done for ages.

From the list, I washed and dried the carseat cover so that is all fresh and ready to go.  Have sorted through more bags of second hand clothes and found a really worthwhile cause to donate our outgrown clothes to, should they want them.

I have made three shepherds pies for the freezer, as well as one madras curry.  It's a hot one, so hopefully it won't have to much of an effect on the baby as I feed her...

I'm starting to look at baby blankets, as Benjamin has taken a liking to the cot blanket and has it on his bed, so we'll have to get another one.  Hubby's mum is making a patchwork quilt for the baby, but it appears that there are instructions attached, for example, it will be kept on the bed, not for playing on etc.  I can't decide on whether to get a fleecey one or a cellular blanket.

I also would love to have some bunting with our baby's name on it.  I'd like to get the same for Ruth and Benjamin too, but since I'm committing to not doing anything new, I will get a lady in town to make it for me.  More fabrics to choose!!!

I'd imagine that there will be slow progress on any further baby prep for the next couple of weeks other than food... a certain little boy has his second birthday in 13 days time :)