My (homemaking) cup runneth over :)

Yesterday I felt very blessed, very blessed indeed.

For the first time in 4 years, we had managed to build up an emergency savings fund to cover the household appliances breaking all in one go.  This fund was deemed complete a couple of months ago.

Lately, the washing machine had been making horrible noises.  So we got a man in to diagnose the problem.  Which he did, then quoted us £339 to repair it.  Then he pointed out that a new machine, one that he would buy for his family with 3 small children, was £299.  No brainer.  So we went and chose a new machine first thing yesterday morning.

Then we came home and put away the Christmas decorations and hoovered up to complete the job.  Hubby had got to the top of the stairs with the hoover sounding slower and slower and smelling hotter and hotter.  Then with a red flash, it stopped working.  Just refused to turn on ever again.  It was the hoover that we bought when we returned from honeymoon.  It has done nearly 8 years and a house renovation, so it had a good innings.

So back we went to where we had been that morning and chose a new hoover.  One that I had wanted for ages and with £80 off :)  So now we are the proud owners of a 'pretty hoover' (hubby's words!), a yellow Dyson :)

I felt incredibly blessed as I reflected on our purchases.  It was the first washing machine that we had ever had to purchase in all of our married life, and our machines lasted until we had savings in place. Thank you God.

And then to top it all off, I won Val's giveaway of 6 hand-knitted dishcloths.  I have wanted a knitted dishcloth ever since I had used one in my friend's kitchen, but since I don't knit, it wasn't coming any time soon.  So thank you Val :)

I went to bed a very happy homemaker :)