One more step along the world we go

This morning was Ruth's first day at pre-school. And she loved it :) She walked into the room as if she'd been doing it forever, and I had to go and find her to say goodbye. She was a little concerned about where I was going, but when I told her I was going shopping then coming back to take her home for lunch, she was happy. I cannot believe where these last 3 years have gone. 3 short years ago, Ruth was dependent on me for absolutely everything, and now she is a walking, talking, intelligent young lady. She is so ready for this next step in her life, and my prayer is that she knows God's presence with her as she goes, and that in her way, she is able to share that with the people that she is with.

Benjamin missed her a lot this morning. He kept pointing to the other seat in the supermarket trolley and saying 'Ruth', and then when we got back in the car 'Ruth?'. We were waiting outside of the preschool room for Ruth to finish, and as soon as she walked out, Benjamin went to grab her in a hug. So very cute. It was lovely to spend time with him too, though very strange not to have to keep half an eye on Ruth as well.

So this is it. At the moment, Ruth goes to preschool two mornings a week. In February, it will be 3 mornings. And next September it will be 4 mornings. It all goes waaaaaaaaaay too fast!


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