Grocery Challenge Week 3

Today I spent a grand total of £9.14 in Tesco, so under budget again :) This week has been helped by the fact that we are going to my parents' for the weekend, so that is 3 days worth of food I don't have to find.

Next week is going to be tight as I need to buy nappies which will wipe out half of the £10 I have left. I might cheat somewhat and say that I will use the coinage that I have in my purse to count towards next week's budget, so that is an extra £9. I also have my sister coming to stay for the weekend, so an extra mouth to feed :)

Hubby and I have been discussing the challenge during the month. At the beginning, he was sceptical and thought that it would mean a plummet in the standard of food he was used to having, but discussing it again last night, he said that he has been surprised and that he feels we are eating a wider variety of things. This is due to more careful planning on my part! I am learning a lot of lessons along the way, it is proving to be a very useful challenge indeed. And I might dig out the reusable nappies for a couple of days, just to see...