Grocery Challenge Week 2

The first week of the challenge was relatively easy. I went to Tesco, used the voucher and spent £70. Actual trolley cost somewhere nearer £90, but with all the BOGOFs and the vouchers etc, I saved along the way.

This did mean that I had £30 to last me the rest of the month. And today I spent £8.13 in Lidl with an extra £1.80 on a dozen eggs on the way home. Under my budget, yesssss!

I have lots of food in the freezer that we are utilising. The pear tree in the garden is almost ripe, and there are blackberries out of the back of the house. Going to pick some more of those this afternoon. I'm trying to make sure as far as possible that the healthiness of our diet doesn't suffer whilst I'm on the challenge.

We'll be living on mostly courgettes and potatoes as vegetables, as we've got those in the garden, with a few tomatoes thrown in. I've also got some frozen veg in the freezer which will also help.

Tonight's meal is sausage plait with sausagemeat from the freezer, puff pastry from the freezer, with onions and apples from the garden. Will probably add some courgettes and potatoes too. Same will be for children's lunch tomorrow too.

I think I will struggle to make the £100 limit if I include everything that I usually buy, such as nappies. A pack of nappies is going to set me back half of my week's budget. Unless I dig out the reusables...