£100 a month grocery challenge

I am going to try to get my grocery bill down to £100 for this month. For us, it probably wouldn't be sustainable on a monthly basis, because I will be using a lot of stocks that we already have. But I like the idea of the challenge, to really refine my thinking on how I spend and how we eat.

I do have a bit of help this month with Tesco giving me £5 off when I spend over £50, and there have been 5 weeks of this, so this is where I have been shopping. However, I only have one more week of this, so I will probably do a 'big' shop next week to get over the £50, and then go to Lidl or Aldi or something for the rest of the shopping. Its going to take some doing though, and I will have to weigh up the petrol costs as well. Ruth starts pre-school in September (yikes, only 3 weeks away!) and it seems sensible to do the shop while she is there. However, being out in the country, you really need to shop at your nearest place, which for me would be 3 miles away from the pre-school in Tesco. Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons etc are all 15+ miles away. It will require more planning than usual, but I am willing to try!

Also added into the equation is the fact that my parents are staying with us for nearly a week over the bank holiday weekend, so that is more food than usual being consumed. But you know what, I think we'll do it!


OK try your luck