We're home :) and I am happy to be, though the weather turned perfect in Cornwall this morning, just as we were leaving...

We have got so much to cram into the next 2.5 days and I'm feeling overwhelmed with it all. We came home to find MIL cleaning, which she said she would do, only she didn't get to do the bits that the builders left behind, and its a mess. So I need to do that, when I expected that I didn't need to. I need to finalise paint colours for the bathroom, then go out and get them tomorrow as well as some food for the weekend before being dropped off to assist my friend on a wedding photography shoot all Saturday afternoon and evening. Then Sunday is church, followed by a birthday bbq to which we have to take all our own food and drink (so food to organise, present to wrap, card to write). Hubby wants to get the undercoat of paint on the bathroom walls and woodwork, and also to drill a hole in the kitchen wall for the extractor that we've had sat waiting for months. This has to be done while I am at home (to hold worried children) and before Monday morning as we borrowed the drill from my dad and we're going to spend the week with them on Monday. Only on Monday morning, I have a pedicure appointment that has been booked in for months, and then we leave to drive to my parents. Did I mention that early on Tuesday morning, Hubby is flying to America for the week?!

So I need to repack all our bags for our various weeks away. The garden, esp the veggie plot needs a lot of attention before we leave, and I could just do with hunkering down at home for the next couple of days. But it is not to be, and I know that with teamwork it will all get done. It just feels like a little mountain at the moment. But come Monday evening, it will all be calm. Well, kind of. Benjamin will be in another new bed, so unsettled night for us. But, I won't worry about that until we get there. One day at a time and all that.


Val said…
Sounds like you will be busy! Will try to remember to keep you guys in my prayers this weekend.

Out of curiosity, where will Hubby be in the States? New York?
Di said…
Hi Val, Hubby will be in Boston MAS to deliver a paper and sit on a couple of technical panels to answer questions, I presume. Back on Friday :)