On holiday

We are away for the week, and loving the break from the normal surroundings, the phone and the normal routine. Some things stay the same, the food needing preparing and serving, the children needing guidance and discipline, the washing needing doing, the house needing tidying and cleaning as we go. No such things as lie-ins, but there aren't any jobs that need to be done at nap time, so that time is relaxing time!

Being away from the everyday makes me think about improvements I could make to our life back home. As ever, cutting back the clutter, the 'noise' that we surround ourselves with. Being more creative with gifts and how we live our lives. I bought 3m of bright pink cording today for £1 from the chandlery shop across the road from the house. That is going to do for one of the drawstring bags I'm making for Ruth's friend's birthdays next year.

Having some friends staying with us for the first 4 days has also made me reflect on the things that I am happy with in the way we live our lives. I like that we are not driven by consumerism, that we enjoy spending time with each other in simple ways, that our marriage is a constant work in progress, that we don't have much 'stuff' especially for the children. I like that our TV isn't on all the time, and that our children are well disciplined and polite. Ruth got talking to a lady with a dog on the beach today, and conversed without any prompting from me. When the time came to say goodbye, Ruth wished the lady a good week. All without prompting. I was so proud of her.

Its not long now before we go home, and hit the road running again. I'm hoping to feel refreshed by the time we get there!