Adventures in Cash Day 6&7

Again, not much spent on the last couple of days of the week, the last two days being a Sunday and then a Bank Holiday. I did spend 50p on a newspaper, but that was it.

So how was the first week? It went better than I expected, and I finished the week with £25 in my purse. I had two options open to me. I could either keep the money in my purse, adding it to this week's money, or I could take it out and save it.

I chose to keep the money in my purse as I thought that this week's food shop was going to be a big'un. But it turns out, that because I kept to my list and was disciplined, the food shop was again much lower than I usually spend.

On our money coaching course, someone mentioned that they didn't want to use cash as they put everything on their credit card and paid it off at the end of the month because they got cashback on the purchases. The chap leading that part of the course set a challenge. Use cash, and you will save in 2 weeks what you would earn in cashback over a year. It is so true. So far, I have saved at least £40 over 2 food shops. It take longer than a year to get that back on the credit card. Just goes to show!!


Paulina said…
Hello D,
I just today came accross your blog. What an inspiration! I read your last entires and then went to the very first and have not been able to stop reading. It has helped me undertand why I miss home so much and given me clarity on the desires of my own heart. I thought the desire of being home was purely selfish but now I think that's the way God made me! Thanks for sharing! I hope I can get home soon. I'll start following your blog if you don't mind!