Adventures in Cash Day 3&4

Yesterday was a great cash day. I spent £1 for Mums and Toddlers and that was it. I went swimming in the evening on our membership, so free to me last night. I was due to go with a friend, but she didn't come out in the end, so I was by myself. Good for the wallet, as it meant that there was no lingering over coffee at the end. I made it home in time for a cuppa before bed, which suited me fine :)

Today, I hadn't planned on spending anything. But Morrisons has a fabulous offer on persil washing powder, the 4.25kg pack down to £5 from £12.99. I can't buy the ingredients for my homemade powder for that money! I have found that the homemade laundry liquid isn't really getting the stains out of the washing, so it is fine for a 'freshen up' wash, but I need something beefier for the stains. Its something to do with the hard water in this area which inhibits the working ability of the soap, or borax or something. So I will go and spend £5 this morning. And £5 only. The washing powder should last a good couple of months at least :)

I will also be taking one of the £10 notes out of my wallet and putting it away for summer days :)