Real Life

Wow, I hadn't realised it had been over a month since I last wrote. Real life has been really busy and I guess that the promise I made to myself not to spend so much time online has been kept as I've not blogged!

I have moved my laptop into the kitchen where it sits being constantly plugged in. Poor thing's battery is slowly dying. But this means that it is not comfortable to sit and while away hours reading other blogs and articles etc, so I tend to use the laptop more as a reference guide rather than a deep book. However, the facebook habit still hasn't been broken. I'm working on it though.

The 5.30am starts have stopped. Well, the intentional quiet time bit of them have, which I am sad about. I am disappointed with myself and feel a little silly after mentioning it on here and to a couple of friends. But then an arrogant spirit goes before a fall, and perhaps I was arrogant to even talk about doing it. I have found that there has been a combination of appalling nights (think multiple bed linen changes in one night for both children, Benjamin screaming for hours etc), and very early starts from the children, usually around 5.30am. I cannot get up any earlier, it would just make my day so increadiably long and tiring. Perhaps in a few years when I can get a little downtime, or even a solid 7/8 hours sleep at night I'll consider pre 5.30am! And trying to have a quiet time, to really meet with God and concentrate on him is hard with a little one asking questions and 'can we wake daddy up yet?' So I'm now waking with my 5.30am alarm and sitting up in bed to pray. I usually fall back to sleep, but at least I can pray what is on my heart when I wake up.

I have read an amazing book 'Surprised by the Voice of God'. It has totally encouraged me and I want to be in closer communication with God. I want him to talk to me, a lot!!! Or rather, I want to hear him :)

Benjamin has turned one this week. He took his first steps the day before his first birthday. He doesn't really like walking, judging by the crying! He did however, love his birthday cake and couldn't for the life of him work out why we had to sing and he had to blow a candle out before he could EAT CAKE! He's turned into such a poser for the camera too. Love it!

Ruth is gorgeous, so wonderfully beautiful, inside and out. At 2.5, she possesses an emotional maturity that other children don't seem to have. If someone is hurt or poorly, her immediate reaction is to pray for them. She is potty trained now, and we have very few accidents. Only usually when we are both too distracted to make sure she goes!

And I, well, I am still exhausted. But hopefully the spring sunshine will lift my spirits and my energy levels. Its been a long old winter.


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