Sunshine, my long lost friend!

It seems like ages and ages and ages since we have seen the sunshine properly here. It has been a very long, cold winter and we are unused to that. I think that over the last 3 months, there have been more days with -numbers temperature-wise than not, and it has been grey and dull and cold. But today, oh today! The sunshine is out, the sky is blue and everything feels much freer, brighter, more positive. There seem to be endless opportunities and potential and its too good a day just to sit.

So I have been pottering while the children have been in bed. They are so good at going down for a sleep, they know the routine, and even if they are not appearing tired, they will still go down without a fuss. I don't know how much longer Ruth is going to keep sleeping in the afternoons for, but at the moment she still sleeps for 2+ hours which is great for both of us. Benjamin is getting the hang of the Big Sleep, and most days now does 2+ hours too.

So now I am sitting in my kitchen, which gets the best of the afternoon light. I look around and see the results of a productive day, but know there is still so much more I could be doing. I blessed myself yesterday by cooking a large enough dinner that there were leftovers for Ruth and Benjamin to have for lunch and for us to have for dinner. I have to just say here, that I am so impressed with Benjamin because the meal was lamb and chickpea caserole made with tobasco sauce, and he wolfed the lot down :) It is such a blessing now that he eats what Ruth does, even if he only has 4 teeth!