Little bottles

Hubby goes away quite a bit on business, and has done ever since he started work 7 and a half years ago. He is usually away for at least a week every 2 months, with the odd night away during that time too. With being away so much, he picks up a lot of the small toiletries that are left in hotel rooms. I was keeping them in the downstairs bathroom for guests to use, but on the whole they tend to bring their own.

So I have decided to try and save a little money on my grocery bill and work my way through the huge number of shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and body lotions. I probably have enough to last me the year, so I will use all of them up before buying myself any more. Not a massive saving, but a saving none the less.

I am also looking at other ways of trying to reduce the grocery bill. For instance, I need to get back into the habit of using my re-usable wipes, which I have been very lax in recently. That will save me £1 a week, which is £52 a year.

I also tend to buy biscuits for the children to have for their morning snack (nothing more than digestives tho!) and while these are only 40p or so, and we probably get through 3 packets a month between the 4 of us, that is another £14.50 a year. The same goes for the chocolate biscuit bars that I tend to buy for me to have during the day when I need a pick-me-up. That is easily another £1 a week, so if I can make my own cakes and biscuits to cover this eventuality, then that is another £52 a year.

Potty training Ruth has saved me £3.35 a week in nappies plus an extra £1 in wipes, which is £226.20

So just by making those slight changes, I can save myself £346.20 a year, or £28.85 a month. And that £30 can go on other useful things, or be put into the gift pot. Happy days :)


Ivanna B Thin said…
Some really good ideas here which I may have to steal from you! I have lost count of the amount of toiletries I have stored away just because they were BOGOF or some sort of special offer ~ also with biscuits, I'm guilty of buying too many of those too, but with the new diet, I have them counted out for just DH's snacks ~ hopefully the will power keeps me away from Asda home delivery :)
Dee said…
Your husband is so lucky to have you. Enjoy a healthy family life.