I love to make New Year Resolutions, but like so many people, they wain somewhat before January has even finished!

So this year, I have decided to make resolutions in two stages. Stage 1 is the yearly resolutions, the usual be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter etc, to learn a new craft (this year it will be to improve on my sewing) and to save money where possible. Hubby and I have made a decision to actually have a monthly out-of-the-house date night. We have both decided, independently, to be less lazy. We've got into a tired rut with 10 months of unpredictable sleep, and now the tiredness is an excuse to laze about when the children sleep rather than do stuff. Its already working for me :)

But Stage 2 is a monthly resolution or 2. This month, I have decided that I am going to bed a full hour earlier as many nights as I can manage. Already I have done this for 3 nights and am feeling the benefits. I may not go to sleep right away, I may read for a while, or potter in my bedroom for a bit, but the idea was to drag myself away from the Idiot Box.

I feel like I watch too much TV for the sake of it, and there are many many evenings where Hubby and I have the TV on, but we are both on our laptops as well. By going to bed a full hour earlier means that the TV I would normally watch then I watch the following evening on the computer, if it is something worth watching. This makes me more intentional about what I watch and also means that a computer is in use thus not being used to waste time on while watching TV.

Going to bed an hour earlier means that I can finish doing the little jobs that need to be done, like loading the dishwasher, putting away laundry, setting out breakfast things without rushing, or making bedtime even later.

Going to bed an hour earlier also means that I go to bed when I am actually tired, rather than being too lazy to shut off the Idiot Box and make my way upstairs. Which means sleep is far sweeter, and getting up not so hard. Well, at least it would be had we not got a gorgeous new duvet and eiderdown :)