Early starts

A couple of weeks ago, I felt that God was challenging me to spend less time on the computer and more time with him and my family, and blessing my family. I had been reading of the 5am Club and read through the testimonies, and for a time years ago, before children, I used to get up earlier than Hubby, shower and then pray over him as I woke him up. And during that time, I saw God bless him abundantly in many ways. And because I was up and about, I was able to be organised and to get housework done before going to work etc.

Since I have had Ruth and Benjamin, my thoughts have kept coming back to the 5am Club. And I kept putting it off because I was so tired all the time and needed the sleep. I didn't really believe the testimonies that I read, thinking that all these other people couldn't possibly be as tired as I was etc etc. Before Benjamin was born, I used to have my quiet time during Ruth's morning nap, but more often than not, I would fall asleep. But then Benjamin was born, Ruth dropped her morning nap, and my quiet times vanished.

And so, last Monday, I decided that I would say what the heck, and get up at 5.30am. Hubby's alarm goes off at 6am, and the children are usually awake then too. And ever since, my alarm has gone off at this time. The first time I have had an alarm in 2.5 years. Apart from last Fri, Sat and Sun (when Benjamin didn't sleep at night because he was poorly) I have been hitting my alarm clock, stuffing my feet into my slippers, pulling on my dressing gown and heading downstairs. Once there, I sit at the kitchen table, light a candle and open my bible and spend some time with God. On Monday and Tuesday this week, I had a little company, but was still downstairs.

And man, have I been blessed for it :) I haven't really been going to bed any earlier, but the mornings that I come downstairs at 5.30am are the mornings when I am in a better mood than usual to greet my family, I am able to take Hubby a cup of tea in bed, and I am in a better mood for the rest of the day. Not only that, but I am not as exhausted in the evenings, even though nothing else has really changed in terms of demands on me and my time. God speaks to me daily through his word, and I am able to complete little morning tasks as the kettle boils so that Hubby doesn't have to do it when he's giving the children their breakfast.

Quite frankly, I am amazed at the change in how I feel. I have taken one nap in the middle of the day, but for the most part, when the children are in bed, I allow myself maybe half an hour feet-up time, but then I crack on with my daily tasks. I feel like I am getting beyond just surviving, which is a tremendous feeling!

So can I encourage you to follow scripture and rise earlier than your family?
She gets up while it is still night;
Proverbs 31 v 15

God will honour you for it :)


Sheila said…
I'm trying, I'm trying. You are so correct that the day is so much smoother when I get up first, but self-discipline is hard when the bed is soooooo comfortable.
Di said…
Hi Sheila, I know what you mean. I find that if I even let myself roll back and think 'hmm, but bed is so cosy' I won't get up. I have to switch the alarm off and get up in one motion so that I am out of bed before I even think about it. As Nike says, just do it! Bless you. xxx