December Financial Goal Review

We managed to put by a little saving in December, which is a really good thing since it was Christmas and all!

And our year total came to £735 less than our goal, so of that I think we can be very thankful indeed. It has shown us that we are so incrediably blessed financially, and has taught us afresh to look at how we spend our money and indeed, our time. Most of the spends were of the paying off debts, which is a great thing, and of course, the driveway project which in itself has been a tremendous blessing. It is so good to have the car at the back of the house, away from the road where I can put the children into the car in safety.

As for this year, we are not planning on having a similar sort of goal, primarily because we have a huge 'spend' list which we put off last year in order to pay off the debts. Things like having our dormer re-roofed, re-doing our bedroom and en-suite, the only two rooms that remain untouched from when we moved in, electricity in the shed, replacement doors, various carpentry jobs around the house. But it feels good to be able to save for them and not have a debt lurking to eat up all the pennies!


Val said…
I whole heartedly agree. Debt can be so difficult to bear. It's much, much nicer to live an existence in which it does not have a hold on you!

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