Post 100 of this year!

I have broken a record! My personal record of blog posts in one year, and this year I posted a cool 100 times.

Its been a tough year in the hard work sense with my two teenie tinies, and trying to keep my marriage top priority while running a household. Nothing that a million other women throughout history haven't already done, but when it is your turn, its hard graft. And I didn't even have a paid job to go to.

But I certainly wouldn't be without my Ruth and Benjamin, or indeed Hubby. Hubby proposed to me 8 years ago today, on a deserted cliff path just above Port Quinn in Cornwall. A perfect place, as far as I am concerned! It has been an amazing 8 years, taking us to places and through experiences I could never imagined.

So what does 2011 hold for us? For me? At the outlook, it seems pretty quiet. No weddings, personal or professional, no major family birthday celebrations, no major holidays or anything like that. A few friends will be having new babies, and Ruth starts pre-school in September. I hope and pray for a peaceful, love-filled year, no matter what happens.


Val said…
This coming April will be the eighth anniversary of our engagement... I hadn't thought of it until I read your post!

Thanks for the sweet comments on the pjs. They are made of a nice thick flannel. I ordered the fabric online. If you'd like, I'd be happy to share the website with you, though I don't know if they ship internationally or not.

Happy New Year!

XX Val