Heart of the Home

It has been a people-busy few days in our house over the festive period, and by nature I enjoy being with people, but I need downtime alone. This has been incrediably sparse the last few days.

But there is something that I have noticed. Each time I leave the room to try and get some time by myself (and ok, I don't go up to my bedroom because I feel that would be too antisocial!), invariably I am followed within the space of a few minutes by most of the people in the house. Usually it starts with the children, followed by the adults. I started to get a little annoyed with it, but then I realised that it really is quite a compliment.

A mother is the heart of the home, whether that is a conscious decision or not. She is where it is at, and people want to be there. She provides love and security, just by being. And sometimes as a mother, it is so hard to just be. But sometimes, it is all the people around her want.


Lisa Grace said…
Great post; thanks :) I kind of laughed when I read it, because I can totally relate. My kids are often completely content - until Mommy goes to the potty, and then they need me NOW. But I do love it! I never really equated it, however, with being the heart of the home and now my thoughts of being followed are making me warm and fuzzy !
BFitz said…
Thanks for the reminder! I sometimes get frustrated with being followed everywhere - until I remember that like Jesus, I have disciples. Mine might be shorter (and noisier, and more prone to cry!) than His, but they're disciples nonetheless. :) What an honor!