A gift of a day

Today, we were supposed to have been in Falmouth for a wedding. But Hubby has been unwell all week, and yesterday was the poorliest I'd ever seen him. Man flu, with nothing to treat it but fluids, rest and painkillers for his sore sore throat. So we cried off the wedding.

Which has meant that we had an entire weekend back, which I think was actually much needed. Last weekend was busy, and next weekend, being Christmas, is full of people too. It has been lovely to have some hang out time as a family, especially with A being a little better today, so up and about, albeit it on the sofa. It does mean that Ruth and Ben have a guaranteed audience and play person for puzzles and magazines and things, which they are loving!

And I have achieved things for myself too. I cleaned my cookbook shelves :) I finished making our Christmas table runner, using material given to me by my mother-in-law and the backing was from the package that Val sent ( FAO Val,I used the dark gray!). I feel so very very chuffed with the end result, and want to make like Ruth and run around saying 'look what my made!'. I've also made the gift tags for my chutney gifts, so I can bag them all up later.

I am almost ready for Christmas, which I am very pleased about. I've only got Benjamin's presents to wrap, and the chutneys to bag up, and then bag up the friends gifts into family groups. I think next year I will do family gifts, as it takes an age to wrap individual ones!

Then it is a case of waiting for the Tesco delivery on Tuesday, then baking can begin. Not that I'm going to do a lot, just some ginger biscuits and a baked cheesecake. All other puddings will be done on the day.

A week to go, and I am feeling rested, organised and excited. Simplicity is the way to go :)


Val said…
Happy to hear that you are finding uses for it! You should post pictures....we'd all love to see it!