Almost Ready...

I think I am almost ready for Christmas this year!

I have bought all the presents bar Father-in-Law, and a couple of other family ones, but they will be relatively easy. Father-in-Law, not so much.

All other family and friends presents are bought/made, meals are planned and Tesco delivery booked for the week before Christmas. Most of the main food dishes have already been purchased and are in the freezer. I know who is staying and when and for how long. Its all coming together :)

The one area I am really looking forward to, and then again almost dreading is decorating the house and tree. I just feel so unskilled and want the house to look a certain way, but I don't know how to go about it. Part of it is that I can't justify spending lots of money on decorations so don't, and end up buying the dross that is leftover in January. I do enjoy doing the tree though, and try to have different hanging decorations on it, by different I mean not just baubles. Each year I am printing out a family picture taken during the year and putting it in a tiny frame. I like that tradition, although finding the frames can prove a challenge.

So what have I got left to do?
Wrap presents - waiting for Royal Variety Show to be on the TV, its a small tradition of mine.
Decorate the house - this weekend :)
Buy tree and decorate said tree - this weekend!
Write and post Christmas cards. I actually don't feel like doing them this year. Is that really bad? But I'll do them because I have them. Maybe. I could just send out an email, but then there is something lovely about receiving them...
Decorate Christmas cakes - taking Mother-in-Law to cake decorating evening at church as I am hopeless at such things. Notice a trend here to do with anything arty/creative?!

Then I am ready!!!

At least for the physical side of Christmas. This year I want to spend more time and effort on the spiritual side too. I think I will look for an advent devotion or something. This time of year is so much more than the 'things', and I want our home and family to reflect that.