Tight grocery month

This month is a tight grocery month because I used £70 to buy half a lamb from a farmer friend. So, more than usual, I am keeping a really close eye on what I am spending from my budget, while trying to save a bit as well.

So far this month I have been to Lidl for a week's worth of shopping which helped with the budget. I do like going to Lidl, and find most of their products very reasonable in terms of quality, and the one I go to even has a well-kept gentleman on the till who doesn't reek of body odour and actually bothers to brush his hair. Because the shop is relatively small (relative in terms of usual supermarket size) and there aren't a zillion choices for every item, it takes almost half the amount of time to go round. I would shop there every other week, or maybe even 3 weeks out of every 4, but, and this is a huge, fairly mothery-geeky but, they do not have trollies that seat 2 small people. Ruth is not old enough to walk around semi-supervised, keeping her arms and hands to herself, so I need to put her in the trolley with Ben. Besides, she loves 'shopping in the trolley!!!'. So Tesco it is, for they do have a huge choice of trollies with different seating combinations and a large quantity of each type. Take note, Mr Morrison.

So I went to Tesco this morning, and spent just under my allotted budget :). But in that, I managed to get 3 pizzas for the freezer, a gammon joint for £3.99 (half price), £10 worth of Christmas bits, stocks of toothpaste and toothbrushes (buy 1 get 2 free), stocks of PG Tips (160 box BOGOF - on a related note, 160 bags £4.75 or something, 240 bags £4.90).

I really must do a freezer and cupboard inventory since I want to have a useful stock cupboard to see us through at least a week if I can't get to the food shops for whatever reason. I inherited my Nanna's freezer earlier in the summer, and slowly but surely I'm filling it. At the moment, its mainly meat, which is a good thing!

Two more shops to go on this month's budget. Its a 5 week month, so a bit tight!


Val said…
Can I ask what you will make with all that lamb? I didn't grow up eating lamb, and thus have only cooked with it a couple times - mainly plof, a Russian rice pilaf sort of dish. Do you have any recommends for the best way to cook it otherwise?